Multi-Family Roofing

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Multi-Family Residential

Alpha Design Services understands multi-family, and condo properties have specific requirements, codes and regulations depending on the structure such as apartments, churches and retirement communities. We are fully certified as well as vetted and accredited by the major roofing associations in Maryland.

When it comes to multi-family homes, apartments, or condos, you can expect prompt, peerless service, regardless of your roofing style or preferred materials. We service both low-slope and steep-slope structures and can provide repair and installation of both traditional, residential-style, and commercial materials. For more information, or to schedule services for apartment roofing in Maryland.

Our Apartment Roofing Services

Inspections and Repairs

A lot of people depend on the viability of your multi-family roof. As such, regular inspections and repairs become necessary as a way to ensure the happiness and safety of those you house. This becomes especially important after major storms, as damage can quickly become compounded if not fixed in a timely manner. Our team of roofing professionals detects even those signs of disrepair, such as wind damage, that remain invisible to the naked eye. We can then address any need for repairs in a quick and thorough manner.

Replacement & Installation

For new construction and pre-existent multi-family structures alike, Alpha Design Services stands as the go-to source for the installation of complete roofing systems around Maryland. From start to finish, our team provides the quality work you need in roofing for your apartments, multi-family houses, or condos. If you need help with the selection of a roofing style or material, we can help with that too.

Shingle Roofing

Suitable for a broad range of multi-family housing, shingle roofing lends a desirable air of coziness. Across all types of shingles, the array of design options becomes truly staggering. Shingles also serve well for steep-slope structures and have straightforward maintenance and repair requirements.

Low-Slope and Commercial Roofing:

This type of roof has become much more popular in recent years as a choice for multi-family housing. Low-slope roofs can lend a modern air to a multi-family structure, and also stand as the economical choice for especially large structures. Among commercial roofing, Alpha Design Services handles repair and installation for all standard varieties.

As your full-service solution for apartment roofing services in Maryland, Alpha Design Services has you covered regardless of need. Across a full range of materials, for both shingle and commercial roof variants, you can trust our expert team.

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At Alpha Design Services, we cater to all needs in roofing for multi-family housing across our broad and growing service area. We understand the importance of a roof to a multi-family structure and deliver work you can depend upon. To learn more about our expert services for apartment roofing across Maryland, call us today at 410-390-0300.

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